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Glossary of Performance Terminology

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The art andscience of teaching.                
The execution of a task or function.
Performance Appraisal       
A human resource management system designed to provide performance feedback and recommendations for
performance improvement. 
Performance Behavior       
The daily actions and mental models an individuals employs in striving for goal attainment.
Performance Coaching      
A coaching style that deals with facilitating learning and development to enhance peoples' thoughts and actions 
to generate positive behavioral change resulting in improved personal effectiveness in some role or capacity.
Performance Gap               
The difference between on organization's current actual performance level and its target or desired level of performance.                                       
Performance Goal               
An action-oriented, doing goal focusing on the accomplish of a specific task or outcome, as opposed to the
attainment of personal growth (developmental goal).
Performance Management                      
A systematic process for managing people to achieve a consistently high level of job performance.                       
Performance Improvement 
A process consisting of the inplementation of developmental initiatives for acieving improvement in the results
achieved by an individual, team or organization.
The totality of an individual's distinguishing behavioral, emotional and intellectual characteristics.    

Personal Coaching                     

Coaching activities with an individual client focusing on personal issues.


Personal Motivation            

Motivation arising from an individual's unobservable internal desires for the satisfaction and fulfillment of specific
needs (see needs theory).    
Personal Performance Input
An element or factor existing within within a worker that has an impact on an individual's performance level.                                            



A management discipline which focuses on the conscious determination of future actions intended to achieve

organizational goals and objectives. 


Plan of Action                     
A detailed, written plan for goal accomplishment consisting of goal descriptions, action steps, target completion
dates along with potential obstacles to achievement and actions for overcoming them.



An established plan that is required to be followed in executing specific decisions and actions.        
Positive Reinforcement 
A learning process in which a behavior is followed by a reinforcing stimulus which serves to increase the frequency of the behavior.
A detailed, usually-written, plan for the execution of some activity—often composed of specified methods or 
processes—designed to achieve a uniform approach to compliance with applicable policies or directives.
An organized series of progressive actions, operations or functions implemented to achieve a specific outcome.      
The execution of a task or function in accordance with accepted standards of accuracy, completeness, effectiveness 
and efficiency.  
The science that deals with the impact of the powers, functions and operations of the human mind on behavior.


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