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Glossary of Performance Terminology

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Gap Analysis 

Technique for identifying the performance improvement initiatives to be implemented to move from an existing 

performance level to a desired performance level. Also referred to as needs analysis.



An easily-definable, observable, measurable time-bound desired performance outcome that an individual or

organization intends to achieve; usually one of several components of a more wide-ranging or comprehensive

purpose or objective. 


Goal (Developmental)        

being or becoming goal oriented toward the attainment of personal growth, as opposed to accomplishing a

task (performance goal).


Goal (Performance)  

An action-oriented, doing goal focusing on the accomplish of a specific task or outcome, as opposed to the

attainment ofpersonal growth (developmental goal).


Goal Setting 

A motivational and performance improvement technique consisting of the identification of specificmeasurable

attainable, results-oriented, and timebound (SMART) goals along with a detailed plan of action for their

accomplishment and an unwavering commitment to their achievement.


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