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Glossary of Performance Terminology

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Lagging Performance Indicator                  
Backward-looking measure of performance represented by historical data such as the results of previous 
actions (e.g., a previous quarter's sales).

The capacity to motivate people through non-authoritarian means to act in a specific manner by aligning an

individual's internal desires for the satisfaction and fulfillment of personal needs with the accomplishment of

a common goalSee internal motivationSee needs theory.  In business the focus of leadership is organizational



Leadership Coaching                       

Coaching initiatives that focus on helping executives develop skills to effectively lead people to achieve organizational



Leadership Development Coaching                     

Coaching initiatives that help organizations develop leaders through the implementation of leadership development

programs and systems to insure an ongoing pipeline of effective leaders.        



A management discipline that deals with positively influencing the thoughts and attitudes of others

to make them want to take a specific action without exercising managerial authority.  Leading has to do with
connecting with others so as to persuade them to behave in a certain manner simple because they want to rather
than because they have to.


Leading Performance Indicator          

A forward-looking indicator of performance that is assumed to drive future results that will be measured by the

analysis of a lagging performance indicator. Example: more effective time management (a leading performance

indicator) will likely result in increased sales productivity (a lagging performance indicator)


Lead Time                              

The length of time between the initiation of an action and its completion, and thus the amount of time before

the completion point that an action must be initiated. 



The acquisition of knowledge, skills or attitudes through experience, instruction or study, usually demonstrated

through measurable and relatively permanent positive behavior change.                            


Learning (Action)                              

A form of learning that relies extensively on a "trial and error" approach whereby participants asses their previous

actions and experiences to help create new behaviors, structures and processes for improving organizational



Learning Organization                      

An organization that fosters a work environment that supports continual learning, critical thinking and innovation in

order to consistently expand its capacity to create its vision.


Learning Sponsor 

The individual or individuals who authorize and hold ultimate responsibility for a learning initiative.


Learning Transfer 

The application of knowledge and skills learned in one context to a another context. In practical terms it

refers to how much of what is learned in training transfers to the job.  It is measured in terms of positive,

negative or zero transfer. Also known as training transfer.     


Life/Career Coaching     

A style of performance coaching that focuses on an individual’s personal life goals including aspects pertaining to

physical, family, social, mental, financial, and ethics and beliefs and career. 


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