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Coaching is a relationship consisting of a structured, process-driven interaction between a professional trained in coaching methodologies and one or more individuals seeking positive behavioral change. It is a a multi-faceted discipline that focuses on a wide range of behavioral objectives relating to an individual or team's performance, learning and development for the purpose of achieving higher levels of personal and professional success and happiness.  While the primary goal of coaching initiatives is to develop positive behavioral change, they can focus on a broad spectrum of different objectives, take many different forms and involve a wide range of aproaches. Some of the elements of an effective coaching process may include identification of individual or organizational objectives, performance assessments, examination of personal values and beliefs, setting realistic goals and establishing focused action plans. See Making Sense of Coaching for more about coaching methodology.

Transformational coaching (sometimes referred to as personal or developmental coaching) is a style of  coaching in which a coach and client participate in a voluntary interaction aimed at helping the client achieve mutually desirable performance improvement through positive change and holistic personal transformation. Transformational coaching differs from performance coaching interventions, such as sports coaching or sales coaching in that the coach does not have responsibility, accountability or authority over the outcome of the person being coached. Instead of leading a client to a specific pre-determined outcome, the coach works through skilled questioning to help the client surface key problems in their lives and to identify for themselves the correct action to take to resolve them.

Transformatiomnal coaching does not aim to create or develop personal potential.  Rather, it seeks to reveal and release it. Through a highly-tuned process of interpersonal communication and problem-solving, it invites people to discover their own greatness. Transformational coaching helps individuals examine what they believe they know and enhances their ability to step back and reflect on assumptions that they have previously taken for granted.  These include assumptions about their culture, organization and the people in their lives as well as their own values and beliefs.

A transformational coach is supportive and non-judgmental and the relationship between coach and client is co-creative.  It focuses entirely on the client’s interests, challenges and goals.  The primary objective of the coach-client interaction is to help clients uncover their deepest desires, identify their strengths and unmask the constraints that have held them back. Then they are in a position to implement the right actions; meaning they are doing the right things with the right people in the right way at the right time for the right reasons.  In other words they become self-enlightened to “do what works.”

Transformational coaches are different from therapists and consultants.  Professional therapists and consultants need to have more extensive knowledge about a client’s issues than the client does.  Transformational coaches, on the other hand, don’t need to be seen as experts.  They are focused on empowerment rather than impressing.  Effective transformational coaches employ dynamic inquiry, a kind of deep listening, as a powerful tool for unlocking the power possessed by their clients, and because of the energy of co-creation, clients and coaches achieve more significant results together than either could achieve alone.  Transformational coaching is not simply about improving situations; it’s about transforming people.  It doesn't not simply help clients solve problems; it transforms the way they solve them.

Symbiont Peformance Group’s transformational coaching program features a structured process that helps individual’s closely examine each of the key areas that are important in their lives. Seee "Life Wheel."  This focus helps them crystallize what really matters to them and the people they care about, and releases their energy in the right direction to achieve the goals that will fulfill them.

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